Honest Kids Organic Fruit Juice Drink Boxes, Assorted Flavors (6 oz., 40 ct.)

by Honest Kids
Honest Kids Organic Fruit Juice Drink Boxes, Assorted Flavors (6 oz., 40 ct.)


Honest Kids?? Fruit Juice Drinks taste greatƒ??parents will love buying them as much as kids like drinking them!

Juice Boxes that Offer a Healthy Alternative for Kids

Honest Kids?? is the organic drink you've been looking for in your kids' pack lunches or for quick snacks. Choose this 40-pack of assorted juices that includes kids' favorites like apple juice, grape juice, fruit punch?ÿand berry lemonade. Even a family full of picky eaters is sure to be satisfied!

If you're looking for juice drinks to accompany an after-school snack, look no further than Honest Kids?? Fruit Juice. Each of these?ÿall-natural juice boxes is an excellent source of vitamin C and only contains?ÿ35 calories per serving. Every time one of yours pulls a juice box from the fridge, you can rest assured knowing the juice?ÿwill taste great.

Fruit Juice that's Sweetened Naturally, Not Sugary

Honest Kid's juice drink is sweetened only with fruit juice, giving you the refreshing flavors of apples, grapes?ÿand more.

Certified Organic Fruit Juice?ÿ

Honest Kids?? Fruit Juice Drinks are USDA-Certified Organic, which means the sources of the?ÿorganic ingredients are carefully inspected to ensure that farming practices are up to strict organic standards. Through the organic certification, Honest Kids?? ingredients are produced without the use of irradiation, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides or genetically-modified organisms of any kind.

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