Nestle Nido Fortificada Powdered Milk Drink (4.85 lb.)

by Nestle Nido
Nestle Nido Fortificada Powdered Milk Drink (4.85 lb.)


SEE THEM?ÿGROW: Is your child getting the energy and nutrition they need to explore a world that becomes more fascinating every day? A glass of delicious NIDO is?ÿpart of a balanced diet, providing daily nutrients?ÿthat are essential for your child's growth and development.

GREAT SOURCE OF NUTRITION: Nothing is more reassuring than knowing that your child is getting all the nutrients they need to be healthy and active. NIDO products are fortified with vitamins and minerals and have high-quality protein to help support your child's development of a healthy immune and digestive system.

YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE IT: Sometimes it's tough to get kids to eat right. Simply add warm water to your NIDO milk powder for an easy addition to a balanced breakfast or afternoon snack.

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