Chex Mix Traditional Savory Snack Mix (42 pk.)

by Chex Mix
Chex Mix Traditional Savory Snack Mix (42 pk.)


The original Chex you love! This assortment of classic flavors includes Corn Chex, Rye Chips, Bagel Chips, Windowpane Pretzels, Wheat Chex, Round Pretzels and Bread Twists combined with a unique seasoning blend for a one-of-a-kind snack. With a deliciously unpredictable combination of shapes, tastes and textures in every handful, Chex Mix provides a wonderful, flavorful crunchiness at parties and special events. Labeled for individual resale, this pack of Chex Mix also makes?ÿan excellent addition?ÿfor concessions and convenience stores.

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