Member's Mark Commercial Lemon Fresh Disinfectant Cleaner (1 gal.)




Member's Mark Lemon Fresh Disinfectant Cleaner is an effective and economical disinfecting cleaner for institutional, commercial and residential environments, including hospitals.?ÿ

This product is recommended for the following?ÿsurfaces: finished floors, high-speed burnished floors, conductive flooring, walls, tables, chairs, coils and drain pans of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment,?ÿheat pumps, bathroom fixtures, basins, bathtubs, glazed tiles, cabinets, vinyl and plastic upholstery, counters, countertop laminates, stove tops, sinks, appliances, refrigerators, urinals, toilet bowls, toilet bowl surfaces, tubs, door knobs and handles, windows and mirrors.

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