Reynolds Wrap 12" Aluminum Foil, 250 sq. ft (2 ct.)

by Reynolds Wrap
Reynolds Wrap 12" Aluminum Foil, 250 sq. ft (2 ct.)


Reynolds Wrap?? Aluminum Foil can be used for so many different things: wrap food to help keep it fresh and help prevent freezer burn; line pans before cooking to make cleanup easy; cover bowls to help keep food moist; prevent splatters when cooking; catch oven drips by placing a sheet of foil on the oven rack beneath pizza, a casserole or a pie; make placemats with different shapes or letters for children's parties by cutting out cardboard and then covering with foil; mold foil to securely fit inside the hole of the wine bottle, leaving extra at the top to remove. Air will stay out and wine will stay fresh.

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