Member's Mark Ultimate Clean Automatic Dishwasher Pacs (105 ct.)

by Member's Mark
Member's Mark Ultimate Clean Automatic Dishwasher Pacs (105 ct.)


Quality you deserve, from the brand you trust

The new Ultimate Clean formula of Member's Mark automatic dishwasher pacs delivers superior performance and a great value to Sam's Club members.

New formula eliminates pre-washing

The new and improved All-in-One formula leaves your dishes clean and shiny. Powerful cleaning ingredients and bleaching agents were combined to remove and clean even the most stuck-on foods, eliminating the need to pre-wash. Plus, the blue crystals act as a rinse aid to help with spotting and filming.

One dish pac fits most

The Member's Mark dish pacs fit in most dishwasher dispenser cups and is safe for septic systems. With the quick and convenient single-dose size, just one pac is all you need for one automatic dishwasher load.

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