Gold Peak Sweet Tea (18.5 fl. oz. bottles, 18 pk.)

by Gold Peak
Gold Peak Sweet Tea (18.5 fl. oz. bottles, 18 pk.)


Bring home the sweet taste of Southern-style sweet iced tea with sugar with Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea, the bottled sweet tea made with mountain-grown tea, pure filtered water and real sugar!

Need to disconnect from the rat race for a while? Looking for a reminder of the simpler things in life? Kick back and replenish your spirit. It doesn't matter?ÿif you enjoy it hanging out on the back porch, relaxing at the dockside,?ÿrunning out the door or as a pleasant memory while far away from home.?ÿ

Naturally Sweet Tea

Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea uses only real sugar to help provide a tea with authentic sweet tea taste, just like it was brewed at home. Their goal is to produce refreshing drinks that are perfect for summer barbecues or any down-home party. Enjoy it as a way to?ÿcreate a meaningful connection to the simple qualities of life.

Effortless Sweet Iced Tea with Home Brewed Taste

Making sweet iced tea can be time consuming. Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea strikes the perfect balance, delivering the flavor of a warm Georgia summer and the comforting taste of home in convenient bottled form.

Anytime is the Best Time for Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea

Share a memory, a dream?ÿor a tale over a Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea. Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea combines tea with the classic sweet taste of real sugar that will help connect you to the security and peace of home amid a chaotic, fast-paced world.

This 18-pack of Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea is essential tailgating gear for football season. Whether your tailgate food menu ideas call for a grill or no grill, be sure to have it on the list when packing the car. When it's game time, satisfy your crew's thirst for fun with Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea.

Iced Tea Brand for Sharing Sweet Memories with Friends

Whether it's a gathering of friends, a quiet conversation?ÿor a solo trip to the peaceful calm of what's truly important, let Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea take you there. Enjoy one in your quiet moments?ÿor share the experience with friendsƒ??this 18-pack provides plenty for everyone.?ÿShare the refreshed, comforted and restored feeling of home with Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea in classic Southern sweet iced tea style.

Enjoy Convenience by Buying Drinks Online

Ordering and buying drinks online is quick and easy, so don't wait until you run out or for that big shopping trip. Buy Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea online to have it ready for pickup at your local Sam's Club.

With real sugar and home-brewed taste, this sweet iced tea is the perfect drink for every occasion from summer party gatherings to quiet, relaxing moments. That's Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea, the trusted leader in authentic, quality Southern-style sweet tea. Turn friends into family, lift your spirit?ÿand let the taste of Gold Peak?? Sweet Tea bring you home.

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