Powerade Sports Drink Variety Pack (20 fl. oz. bottles, 24 pk.)

by Powerade
Powerade Sports Drink Variety Pack (20 fl. oz. bottles, 24 pk.)


Getting where you want to be in life takes hard work, whether it's on the field or court, on the job?ÿor at home. But you're ready for the challenge, because you're a scrapper. Natural talent is great, but most of us have to put in the hours, sweat?ÿand tears to get ahead. That's passion. Powerade?? appreciates talent, but they?ÿlove heart and hustle. They?ÿbelieve that you can power through whatever stands in the way of your potential. Powerade?? sports drinks provide the hydration to perform at your bestƒ??let them?ÿbe your power-through fuel.

Replace Electrolytes with Powerade?? ION4??

ION4?? is the advanced electrolyte solution in their sports drink that replaces four electrolytes naturally lost in sweat: sodium, potassium, calcium?ÿand magnesium. These ions carry the electrical energy necessary for many bodily functions like muscle contractions and the transmission of nerve impulses. Powerade?? is formulated with vitamins B3, B6?ÿand B12 to support energy metabolism, and a 6% carbohydrate solution to help provide energy to working muscles. Powerade???ÿdoes what they?ÿneed to do so you can do what you want to do.

Powerade?? - The Flavor of Hydration for Game Time

There's a reason Powerade?? sports drink bottles are seen on the sidelines, from youth sports up to the pros. Whether you're a runner, baller?ÿor athlete of any kind, you can't perform at your best without the right hydration for your body. Drink Powerade?? before, during and after activity to maintain proper electrolyte levels and stay on top of your game. This Powerade?? variety pack of 24 bottlesƒ??eight Fruit Punch (red), eight Mountain Berry Blast?? (blue) and eight Grape (purple)ƒ??has you covered no matter what your taste demands. Keeping you hydrated is our job. Working on your game is yours.

Powerade?? and Tailgating - Pack Your Car with Variety on Game Day

During a long day of tailgating, you need to rehydrate, too! This 24-pack of Powerade?? is essential tailgating gear for football season. Whether your tailgate food menu ideas call for a grill or no grill, be sure to have Powerade?? on the list when packing the car to satisfy your crew's thirst for fun. When it's game time, you need to have this bottled sports drink on hand to keep the party going right.

The Sports Drink Perfect for Any Occasion

Maybe you need an ice-cold bottled drink while working in the yard or job site on a hot summer day to pick you up. Perhaps you're in charge of stocking the concession stand, or a small business owner or busy mom looking to stock up with a drink that can keep up with demanding lifestyles. Buy a case of Powerade?? for your next party or backyard barbecue. Whatever your needs call for, Powerade?? is a choice you can make with confidence.

Enjoy Convenience by Buying Powerade?? Sports Drinks Online

Ordering and buying sports drinks online is quick and easy, so don't wait until you run out or for that big shopping trip. Buy Powerade?? online to have it ready for pickup at your local Sam's Club! The Coca-Cola Company is known all over the world as a trusted source of an ice-cold refreshment. Every day, millions of people experience the?ÿunique taste. Bring that taste home with this Powerade?? variety pack.

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