Enfamil Premium Infant Formula Powder (21.1 oz., 2 pk.)

by Enfamil

Enfamil PREMIUM® Infant Formula Powder (21.1 oz., 2 pk.) is specifically formulated to fulfil the nutritional needs of babies up to a year old. Enfamil PREMIUM is the only infant formula available that contains the same brain-building amounts of DHA and inositol found in breast milk. Its unique Triple Health Guard® blend also includes 30 growth-supporting nutrients and an exclusive combination of immune-boosting prebiotics. 

About this item

  • Number 1 formula recommended by paediatricians
  • As much DHA and inositol as breast milk
  • The prebiotic formula for healthy digestion
  • Enfamil PREMIUM Infant Formula Powder offers gentle nutrition
  • non-GMO ingredients


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