Happy Tot Organics Love My Veggies Zucchini, Pears, Chickpeas & Kale Veggie & Fruit Blend 8-4.22 oz. Pouches

by Happy Tot
Our Love My Veggies pouches make it easier than ever for your tot to eat (and enjoy!) their vegetables. Containing a FULL serving of organic, wholesome veggies, plus yummy organic fruits, these flavorful snacks help your go-getter grow better. This just-right combination of organic zucchinis, pears, chickpeas ; kale provides a FULL serving of organic veggies! Help your go-getter grow better with this delicious pouch. Packed with a full serving of veggies, this delicious pouch nourishes your energetic toddler with wholesome ingredients. Made to please the sometimes-picky tot's palate, our tasty recipe combines zucchini, garbanzo beans (also known as chickpeas!) and kale with pears, which add just-the-right amount of sweetness for a satisfying, savory blend. Encourage a veggie-loving palate early on with this nutritious to-go snack.

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