Febreze Car Air Freshener

by Febreze
Scent Option


Sick of smells stifling your nose? Send that odor out the door with Febreze Car Vent Clips. Bring back freshness to your vehicle. If you are commuting back and forth, you deserve to be refreshed when you step into your vehicle. Eliminate odors and replace them with this sweet scent.

How Do the Clips Work?

Febreze Car Vent Clips will allow you and your passengers to breathe happy in your vehicle. This mess-free device will continuously release a fresh scent over the product's life, while also featuring an intensity control so that you determine the right amount of freshness. This product should be stored inactivated at room temperature. Once activated, the product should not stay in the glove compartment or any other closed container.

Using Effectively To Maximize Freshness

This mess-free vent clip will rid your car of odors. From messy shoes to the occasional spills, your car will be a vehicle that everyone wants to call shotgun minutes in advance. The Febreze odor eliminator should be placed in any air vent. When placed, the product will eliminate vehicle odor and freshen up your car riding experience for up to 30 days (on low and under ambient conditions). During those days, use the intensity control to blast the freshness, or place a subtle sent on low.

What Scents Are Available?

What kind of freshness are you looking for? There are many different scents that you can fill the air of your vehicle. Some of the most popular scents include Fresh Cut Pine, Twisted Cranberry, Fresh Harvest Pumpkin and Tide Original Scent. Spring is just around the corner, and Febreze Car Air Freshener will have you covered. The spring odor eliminators include Downey April Fresh, Happy Spring and First Bloom.

Bring Carpooling Back To Your Ride

This odor eliminator will bring a happy carpool back into your life. Bring friends and family along for the ride into town, while being as fresh as can be. Enjoy the various scents that are offered. Your best friend will be best friends with your car after enjoying these air vent clips.

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