Pinnacle Foods Steak 'N Shake Chili With Beans, 15 Oz

by Pinnacle

The next time you are craving something thick and hearty, pick up a 15 oz can of Pinnacle Foods Steak & Shake Chili with Beans. It has the same distinctive flavor as the original recipe created by the founder's wife Edith. This canned chili upholds the same high standards created by Gus Belt when he decided to open the first Steak & Shake back in 1934. His restaurant quickly became famous for showing its customers exactly what was going into their meals. This canned food lives up to those standards. Between busy work schedules and family obligations, going out to dinner is not always easy. Thankfully now you can enjoy restaurant quality chili at home. So, whether you want to smother your hot dog or enjoy a big bowl by itself, you should make this meal a staple in your home.

Pinnacle Foods Steak n Shake Chili with Beans:
  • With beans
  • Inspected and passed by U.S. Department of Agriculture

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