Libby's Corned Beef with Onion, 12 Ounce

by Libby's
Libby's Corned Beef Hash with Onion is specially prepared with beef, chopped onions, and savory seasonings for a truly homemade taste. Great alone, with eggs, or in a recipe! Libby's offers ready-to-eat tasty Corned Beef Hash, as well as other products like Vienna Sausage. Whether you use them as an ingredient in your favorite recipe or eat them as a snack, your family will enjoy the quality taste that comes in every can of Libby's.
  • One 12 oz. can of Libby's Corned Beef with Onion
  • Specially prepared with beef, chopped onions, and savory seasoning for a truly homemade taste
  • Add to salads, casseroles, or cooked potatoes
  • Serve with eggs and potatoes to add a delicious twist to your Corned Beef Hash
  • 14 g protein per serving
  • 0 g trans fat per serving
  • 130 calories per serving


Ingredients: Cooked Beef, Beef, Onions, Salt, Onion Powder, Sugar, Sodium Nitrite.


Instructions: 1. Punch small hole in can top to release vacuum (optional).2. Attack key, handle down, to the tab.3. Hold can firmly by the top end and twist the key clockwise completely around the can.4. Remove the bottom end of can away from the meat. Hold can by the narrow end and shake the meat out.Note: If the key fails to remove metal strip properly, use an ordinary can-opener to remove both ends. Carefully push the meat from the top end.

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