Nuk Learner Cup 6+m, Color May Vary, 1.0 CT

by NUK
The NUK Elephants or Butterflies Baby Learner Cup helps your child to transition from your breast or bottle to a cup for big kids. It has an air vent that keeps them from swallowing air to prevent stomach pains. This NUK baby cup is spill-proof so you spend less time cleaning up messes. The handles are easy for tiny hands to grip and they're designed to keep from slipping. The spout allows for an easy flow, which lets kids drink without frustration. The handles are removable so they can use it when they're older and to be easier to fit in their stroller or car seat cup holder. It features a design with cute animals for an adorable look.
  • Nuk Learner Cup 6+m. Silicone.
  • BPA free.
  • Improved soft spout for extra comfort.
  • 100% Spill-proof.
  • Removable handles.
  • #1 Soft spout.
  • 5 oz 150 ml.
  • For 60 years, moms have trusted Nuk products to help them nurture their babies best.
  • Nuk transition cups: Nuk has a full line of cups to ease baby's transition from bottle-to-cup.
  • Improved!
  • Satiny finish for more comfort.
  • The transition from breast to bottle to cup is simple with the easy-to-hold Nuk learner cup.1.
  • Cap - Keeps spout clean.2.
  • Improved spill-proof soft spout - 100% Silicone spout with a soft, satiny finish for extra comfort.
  • 100% Spill-proof guaranteed.3.
  • Extra wide neck - For easier filling and cleaning.4.
  • Removable, easy-grip handles - Ergonomically designed for little hands.
  • Also try: Nuk Orthodox pacifiers: Soothes and cares baby better.
  • Truly orthodontic silicone fits baby's mouth.
  • Based on market research, june 2013, tested with 110 Nuk pacifier users.
  • NUK is a registered trademark of Mapa GmbH, Zeven, Germany.
  • All rights reserved.

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