STANLEY 68-012 All-in-one, 6-Way Screwdriver

STANLEY 68-012 All-in-one, 6-Way Screwdriver

The Stanley 6-Way Screwdriver, 68-012 features interchangeable bars that maximize the tool's versatility. This is a screwdriver that is designed for multiple uses and capability. It has a convenient space-saving design that reduces the number of tools you need to carry, ensuring quick access to the most important heads all in one tool. The chrome-plated bar on this Stanley screwdriver resists corrosion, making this screwdriver a must-have for DIY specialists and those who work with tools frequently. The slip-resistant rubber grip provides you with comfort while using it. A trilobe shape ensures that the all-in-one screwdriver is easy to use throughout the day. It also comes with high-quality bits that are designed to last for years to come.

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