Mahatma Jasmine Thai Long Grain Rice, 5 lb

Mahatma Jasmine Long Grain Rice is yet another delicious spin on the usual rices you've come to know and love; also known as fragrant, aromatic, or scented rice. Grown in the mountain highlands of Thailand for centuries, jasmine rice was first cultivated for the royalty of the kingdom of Siam. Named after the sweet-smelling jasmine flower of Southeast Asia, jasmine rice has a naturally distinctive scent released during the cooking process and is likened to a flowery perfume. Jasmine rice is praised for its whiteness and silkiness. Cooked, it is soft, white and fluffy. The taste of this rice enhances the traditional spices of oriental cookery. Each order includes one large, 5-pound bag of premium-quality long grain enriched rice. Mahatma is part of Riviana Foods, Inc. and is the No. 1 selling rice brand in the United States. For 93 years, Riviana Foods, Inc. has stood behind this rice because of its consistently high quality. Mahatma whole grain brown rice, regular white rice, Mahatma Gold parboiled rice, and our other delicious flavored rice mixes are all "Grown in the USA" and cook up into long, fluffy grains. Delight your taste buds and enjoy with Mahatma.
  • Nutritious, long grain Jasmine Thai rice
  • Cooks up nice and fluffy
  • Easy to make and can be prepared in just 15 minutes
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients and no preservatives
  • Scents and flavors enhance traditional dishes
  • A versatile rice for entrées, side dishes, cold salads and soups
  • Includes one 5-pound bag of rice

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