Dr. Brown's Natural Flow BPA Free Plastic Baby Bottle, 8 Oz, 3 Ct

by Dr. Brown's
Dr. Brown's Polypropylene 8 oz Plastic Baby Bottles BPA-Free Gift Set features a patented internal vent system that eliminates vacuum and air bubbles to help reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. The no vacuum system also reduces fluid in the ears for a healthier baby. Air is allowed to enter around the nipple collar so it doesn't mix with the breast milk or formula. The baby feeds more comfortably without having to fight the negative effects of a vacuum or ingesting air bubbles. Since the bottles are made from BPA-free plastic they are quite safe to use for all children. The polypropylene material even helps preserve vitamins C, A and E and lipids that can be lost with other products. The Dr. Brown bottles gift set fit with any of the same brand standard nipples and other accessories such as the microwave sterilizer, dishwasher basket and drying rack. They're easy to clean with hot, soapy water and are dishwasher safe.
Dr. Brown's, Standard BPA-Free Polypropylene 8 oz Bottle Gift Set, 3-Pack:
  • Features the patented internal vent system created by Dr. Craig Brown
  • BPA-free feed bottles
  • Fits all levels of existing Dr. Brown's Standard nipples
  • Fits all convenience accessories including our Microwave Sterilizer, Drying Rack and Dishwasher Basket
  • Helps preserve vitamins C, A, E and lipids
  • No vacuum system allows more comfortable feeding
  • Dr. Brown's Polypropylene 8 oz Plastic Baby Bottles come in a pack of 3 bottles


Do not use a microwave oven to heat the bottle because microwave ovens can create hot spots in milk or formula. Test the nipple by pulling on the bulb portion, and replace if nipple shows any signs of wear. Wash all parts prior to use. Do not let a child take a bottle to bed or self-feed for long periods. Always lest temperature of liquid before feeding baby.

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