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Shipping Rates That DO NOT Include Destination Charges

Shipping Rates That INCLUDE Destination Charges

Per Order Rates for Door to Door Shipping

1)   Price Of Products: You Determine the Price Based on Selection. 
Products on the Myla store include the cost of the product itself from our partnered retailers (Costco, Sam’s Club etc.) and the cost of warehousing at the ports in Jamaica and the agency fee a customer would normally pay in Jamaica. 
2)   Service Fee: 16.5% of Product Total Price
Myla wants to stay in business to offer you the best customer service in the world. Our service fee ensures that we will be able to do just that!
3)   All Inclusive Box + Packaging + Shipping + Customs + All destination charges
This cost is a prorata of the total value of the products you select in our site. We provide some examples of the full cost per each order value in the table above, but if you're selecting a different order value amount you can check the full cost at checkout.
4)   Door to Door --> Your choice!
We offer optional Door to Door service everywhere in the Island. If you prefer though you can always pick your package at one of our pickup stores in MoBay and Kingston.



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