How Pricing Works?


1 a).  Price Of Products: What Does It Include?

Answer: Products on the Myla store include the cost of the product itself from our partnered retailers (Costco, Sam’s Club etc.) and the cost of warehousing at the ports in Jamaica and the agency fee a customer would normally pay in Jamaica. This cost also includes our margins. Because of this, customers should not compare Myla Product prices with regular retailers in the U.S. A good comparison would be to a retailer in Jamaica. We have a price matching policy with approved retailers in Jamaica.

Agency fees in Jamaica: Agency fees are usually US $30/ shipment in Jamaica. The agency fee is the charge that comes from the freight company that creates all the documents for customs declaration and clearing.

Warehousing fee in Jamaica: The warehousing fee in Jamaica is usually $30/shipment in Jamaica. This is a fee from the Wharves for taking products off the ship, storing them in the warehouse, scanning and movement for customs inspection and pickup.

1 b). Price Matching Policy

At Myla we are committed to our customers and we want to make sure they are getting the best deals. If you find products at a lower cost at an approved retailer in our launch country (Jamaica for now), email us the link to the retailer’s site and the product and we will match that price. Email us at

1 c). How Do I Know When My Package Is Full?

Answer: It depends on the total value of the products you select. For example, if your products don't exceed $74,000 JA we will charge you just for 1 Myla Package.


2.  SHIPPING: A Fixed Price For Package

Answer: You will pay a fixed Shipping fee for each package you buy at Myla. The Shipping fee comprises the 3 items below:

Package Cost: This is the cost of the Package used to ship products bought on Myla. The price will be dependent on whether you use the Myla Box or the Myla Barrel.

Packing Cost: This is the labor cost of packing the Myla Package. We have dedicated team that packs every Myla Package with love and care.

Shipping Cost: Every Myla package is shipped with the most affordable shipping provider. Because we are located in Miami, our shipping costs are amongst the lowest in the world when it comes to shipping to the Caribbean.

3.  CUSTOMS: A Fixed Price Per Package

No Surprises Policy

Answer: Since we know that you don't like surprises, we will always charge you a flat fee of $6500 JA (approximately $50 USD).

We are dedicated to reducing the variability and unexpected nature of customs costs. The Myla team will assess every order to ensure that each order meets customs’ expectations. We will make sure that:

  • Packages have at least 50% food. If they are below that number, customs will add taxes and duties to products in the package,.
  • If high value technology is in the package. If there is a high value tech in the package, customs may choose to add more duties to the charge.
  • Commercial looking packages: Customs is trained to identify commercial type of packages. For example, a customer orders a package full of one type of product or if a customer buys many different variations of a specific type of product customs could deem it a commercial order.

4.    Why are prices in Jamaican Dollars?

Answer: We have a huge amount of customers that shop with Myla from Jamaica and have asked for us to display products in Jamaica prices. Additionally, the jamaican price is more reflective of the value we offer as compared to what prices are for the same products in Jamaica. If you want to see prices in USD, go to the menu and select USD as currency.


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