Packaging at Myla

Packages Beautifully Designed with Durability in Mind

At Myla, good package design is like a religion and we spent a good chunk of time thinking about the best packaging experience for our customers. Our choice of using the EH Container was not by accident nor was the choice of the Barrel. For example, the EH container holds slightly more products that they traditional barrel and is as strong when it comes to durability. Today it is used by families from central America to ship products. These boxes are designed for managing over 400 pounds of products.

From a volumetric standpoint, more boxes can be fit into a container which lowers the average shipping cost for our customers. With good package protection technology, we can ensure that products are not damaged in transit.

Package Protection Technology

When deciding on how to protect our customer’s products we benchmarked the best companies in the industry. We spoke to Amazon’s packaging team, industry experts and engineers. We decided on a product called AirPlus. The box is lined at the bottom, ghe sides and at the top with small air-bubble wraps. This specific product is designed to withstand massive shifts in weight and pressure over. The durability of this technology and the strength of our box makes products an order of magnitude more protected as compared to the traditional Barrel.

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