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The Myla Fiber Barrel

The Myla Barrel is a form factor that is intimately known in the Caribbean community. It has been used by Caribbean immigrants to provide the basic necessities to their families for ages. We will continue to use this form factor because of its strength, value to the Caribbean community.

Benefits of Using The Myla Barrel

The Barrel is arguably the strongest package type for personal shipments.


Coming Soon: The Myla Box

The Myla Box is a beautiful package type that is roughly the same size as the 75 gallon barrel. It is a double wall corrugated EH Container. It is the strongest container of its size. The EH container is used by families from Central America to ship products today. It costs less that the traditional barrel. Using this container type, we will be able to offer lower prices to customers that are more economically constrained.

Benefits of Using the Myla Box

Lower package and shipping cost.
Can it fit on the backseat of a car so you do not need a truck to pick it up.


FAQs on The Myla Box

How big is the Box is it the same size as the Barrel?  

Answer: Yes, they are roughly the same size. The Myla Box is 17424 cubic inches and the Barrel is 17892 cubic inches. The box however holds slightly more products due to its shape.

Is it strong will my products get damaged?

Answer: The EH Container is the strongest package type for its form factor. It is used to ship items that need extra protection. It is a double corrugated wall box which means it has extra reinforcement. This box is used my other immigrant communities to ship similar items to what is shipped in a Barrel.

Will I pay more for shipping & customs?

Answer: No. The Myla team worked with Jamaica customs to get an exception for the Myla Box. It will be treated the same as the Barrel. The barrel attracts a special tax treatment/flat fee of $6500 Jamaican dollars. For Myla, the EH Container, the package type of the Myla Box will attract the same tax treatment.

Size Comparison with the Barrel

The Myla Box
Type: EH Container (36’’x22”x22”)


The Myla Barrel
Type: 75 Gallon Barrel

Volume of EH Container

17424 cubic inches

Volume of 75 Gal Barrel

17892 cubic inches

EH Container

Cost of EH Container: $10
Shipping Cost: $20-40 

75 Gal Barrel

Cost of Barrel: $40 (Including plastic)
Shipping Cost: $40-60  


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