What Is Group Buying & Gifting?

With Group Buying & Gifting you can split the cost of a purchase with other people. You can join forces to complete a bulk order and save money, pool resources to support someone in Jamaica, or a mix of both. For example, family in Jamaica pays 50% and family in the US supports with the remaining 50%.

Start With A Few Decisions

  • Form a group and pick a leader. After deciding the members of the group, decide who among your friends and family is going to initiate and lead the purchasing process. Or just start the process and be the leader yourself.
  • Agree on a group budget & payment split. Remember that the minimum order at Myla is 300 USD or 40,500 JA. Also remember that your shipping and customs’ costs may vary depending on the total value amount.  Learn more about pricing at Myla
  • Decide which products to buy as a group. The leader will select the products and add them to the cart on behalf of the group.

  • Decide who is going to pick up the package in Jamaica. This is the so-called "consignee". The leader indicates who is going to pick up the products in Jamaica, and provides the required Tax Information. Learn more about required import documents.

The Leader Follows These Steps

  • Selects the products: the leader goes to Start a Myla Barrel and adds the products to the shopping cart.
  • At checkout, requests Payments from the Group: the leader issues partial payment requests to the group using our Split payment technology. Make sure the leader has the email address of each paying person in the group.
  • Everyone pays to complete the order. Each person receives an email with instructions for payment. Once everyone has paid, the order is completed. The Myla Box gets packed and shipped!

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