Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Myla Barrel?

A Myla Barrel is one of the first offerings of Myla. We allow families in Jamaica and abroad to pay for a Barrel online as a group with their favorite groceries, clothing and housewares and get it delivered to their preferred pickup location in Jamaica. Learn about our story here.

How Do I Know If My Myla Barrel Is Full?

We are working on a solution for this. For the time being, the following rules apply:

If the Myla Package is slightly overfill in any of the categories, we will cover the cost. This will change in the future as our software teams will launch a Percentage Full Feature. 

Can I Get My Total Charges Before Shipment?

Yes! We believe that full transparency is crucial to offer the best customer experience. For this reason, we’ve designed our pricing structure and fees in a way so that you always know the total price. Once the payment is done, we won’t charge any additional charges.Also, with our Fixed Customs Fee ("No Surprises" policy) you will no longer need to worry about unexpected charges. Check our pricing policy here.

Can I Use A Yellow Slip To Get A Discount On My Myla Barrel?

Yes, you can. Please check our import required documents here.

Why Is There A Minimum Order Of $300?

We have two standard package types: The Myla Barrel and the Myla Box (coming soon). Both are significant in size and requires certain amount of products to ship. We would not ship a Myla Box or Barrel with a small number of items. It would not be cost effective for us nor to our customers.

A solution for low order volumes. If you cannot meet our minimum order volume you still have a way to shop on Myla. Find a group of friends or family members and create a group order on Myla. You can split payments on the checkout page.  

What is Group Buying & Gifting? How do I split the cost of a Myla Package?

Group Buying & Gifting refers to the ability to split the cost of a Myla package. For example, you can join forces to complete a bulk order and save money, pool resources to support someone in Jamaica, or a mix of both. For example, family in Jamaica pays 50% and family in the US supports with the remaining 50%. Click here for more information.

Can I just shop on Myla by myself? Do I need a group?

You don’t need a group! You can shop yourself alone as well :-)

How long does it take for me to get my Myla Box?

10-15 days. Delivery time varies depending on the day of the week you place your order.

How do I know if requesters are really who they say they are?

We collect the passport information of every customer before we ship anything to Jamaica. If find anything wrong with the requestor’s identity we will notify you, cancel the order and return the fund to your account.

For additional validation, you should talk with your family member to ensure that they indeed sent a request for products.

Where and When In Jamaica Do I Pick Up My Myla Package? 

Currently, Myla has two pickup locations in Jamaica: MoBay and Kingston. We are working to open more across the island. We will notify you when the package has arrived so you can come and pick it up.