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Tutorial on How to Shop on MylaBox 

How this works

What Is is an integrated website that consists of a wide range of products from big retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club, which aims to help Jamaican families at home and abroad to ship low cost U.S. products at low shipping costs. This allows for Jamaicans to be able to receive products at U.S. prices as opposed to the inflated prices offered on the island. MylaBox makes it possible to ship volumes less than a barrel without hassle or additional customs’ charges.


What Is a Myla Box?

A MylaBox is barrel replacement package type. We allow families in Jamaica and abroad to pay for a box of low priced products online as a group with their favorite grocery and houseware items and make it available for pickup at their preferred pickup location in Jamaica. Learn about our story here.


What Is MylaBox’s minimum order value?

We have removed the minimum order value, hence you are free to place orders as small (or big) as you like!


Can I shop on Myla by myself? Do I need a group?

You don’t need a group! You can shop for yourself and your household.


What’s the process like?

1. You choose your desired products on our website, add them to your cart, and checkout and pay for them.
2. We prepare your order and make sure we have your purchases ready. If what you’ve ordered is no longer in stock, we will get back to you to arrange for a possible replacement with an alternative product, or a refund for the unavailable product.
3. We pack all confirmed orders that are ready for delivery and ship them from the U.S, to Jamaica. We also make arrangements with our local distributors on the most efficient way of delivering your order. You will be updated via Whatsapp on pickup location and time, and shipping progress.
4. Once the shipment arrives at the wharf, we collect and account for all orders before passing them over to our local distributors who will coordinate with you on final delivery and pickup.


Why MylaBox - What's in it for me?

We offer better prices since we do not operate as a business importing goods into Jamaica before reselling them at an inflated price, and thus we can also avoid the additional costs of tariffs. Hence, you get to purchase cheaper U.S products, and you also don’t have to pay to be a member with us! We want to make all the products on our site accessible to all, for you and your family to enjoy.


Does MylaBox ship orders from other companies?

MylaBox only ships products and orders from our website. We do not facilitate external brands and orders as MylaBox is not a third party shipping company. That being said, we are constantly planning to expand our catalogues, to meet your needs. For assistance in looking for products, do refer to the Products we sell section in our FAQ.



How do I collect my orders?

You won’t have to go to the wharf at all! Our “leave the hassle to us” nature allows for customers to avoid the grueling and time consuming aspects of the shipping process. We have a dedicated team of local distributors in Montego Bay and Kingston who will get in touch with you to deliver your orders to a mutually convenient location. Otherwise, we have other pickup locations outside these cities where you can collect your orders. Take a look at our list of pickup locations to find the most convenient spot for yourself.


How long does it take for me to get my Myla Box? 

We ship your orders out from the U.S. to Jamaica once every 2 weeks, hence the process from order placement to being available for pickup takes approximately 3 weeks. Processing time may vary depending on the day of the week you place your order.


How do I check the shipping cost of my order?

Our shipping rates are based on the total value of your order, and not on the total weight of your order. You can refer to our shipping rates for the breakdown of shipping costs and General Consumption Tax according to your order value. Also, if you wish to check the shipping cost of what’s in your cart so far, click on checkout and you will see the total cost and breakdown of shipping and GCT of your current cart items. You can also continue shopping after checking this, or head to payment if you are ready to purchase your items.



Can I Get My Total Charges Before Shipment?

Yes! We believe that full transparency is crucial to offer the best customer experience. For this reason, we’ve designed our pricing structure and fees in a way so that you always know the total price. Once the payment is done, we won’t charge any additional charges.


How is pricing determined?

The total amount that you pay comprises of 3 components: (a) price of product(s), (b)shipping costs and (c) General Consumption Tax (GCT).

(a) Price of Product. This is inclusive of the cost of the product itself from our partnered retailers (Costco, Sam’s Club etc.) and our margins. Because of this, customers should not compare Myla Product prices with regular retailers in the U.S. A good comparison would be to a retailer in Jamaica. We have a price matching policy with approved retailers in Jamaica.

(b) Shipping costs.The shipping fee is calculated from these factors:

  • Package costs are the costs of the MylaBox package used to ship the products.
  • Packing costs are the labour costs of packing the packages. We have dedicated team that packs every MylaBox package with love and care.
  • Shipping costs under MylaBox are amongst the lowest in the world when it comes to shipping to the Caribbean, because our warehouse is strategically located in Miami. We ship every MylaBox package with the most affordable shipping provider.
  • Agency fee in Jamaica is the charge that comes from the freight company that creates all the documents for customs declaration and clearing.
  • Warehousing fee in Jamaica is a fee from the Wharves for taking products off the ship, storing them in the warehouse, scanning and movement for customs inspection and pickup.
  • Custom duty as charged by Jamaica Customs Agency on any goods that are imported into Jamaica.
  • Pickup charges in Jamaica are the fees for the collection of goods from the wharves, upon which we will check and distribute the orders to a convenient pickup location for you.

(c) General Consumption Tax (GCT). This is the standard value-added tax rate of 16.5% on the provision of goods and services in Jamaica.


What are the payment methods accepted?

We accept payment via credit cards, debit cards, and online payment wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Are there any ongoing discounts?

We share ongoing promotions through personalised emails and Whatsapp texts to our customers, pop-ups on our website, and our social media pages (check out our Facebook and Instagram pages!). Any questions that you may have about specific discounts, you can direct them to the chat function on our website!


Having an account

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Click on Login and ‘Create Account’. With an account, checkout will be easier, and we can provide you with more personalised services.


I am having logging in issues.

Not to worry, you can reach out to us via the chat function on our website immediately, or send us an email at We will work on resolving it as quickly as possible!


Can I reset my password?

Yes - click on Login and ‘Forgot Password’. Enter your email address that you registered your MylaBox account with, and further instructions on resetting your password will be sent to that email address.


Can I change my email address attached to my MylaBox account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the email address of your MylaBox account. If you wish to switch over to another email address from personal preferences, you will have to create a new MylaBox account with us.


Products we sell

I can't find what I want.

Can’t find something that you want in our collections? Fret not, you can reach out to us via email ( or the chat function on our website and we will try our best to assist you by sourcing it out.


Changes to my order

Can I change my order after paying?

We will try our best to accomodate to your requests as much as possible - do reach out to us via email ( or the chat function on our website as soon as possible, so that we can efficiently update and confirm your order should you wish to make changes after making payment.


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