NASCAR Adventure Force Crash Racers – Figure 8 Circuit

by Nascar

OFFICIAL NASCAR SET |Race like a professional NASCAR driver!

HUGE TRACK | Over 16 feet of double-wide tracks snap into nearly 7 feet of assembled, figure 8 racetrack

INSANE SPEED | Flash-charge your vehicles in 10 seconds or less for high-speed racing – one charge provides enough power for up to 50 laps!

EPIC CRASHES | Cars collide in the crash zone and parts go flying on impact!

RACE, WRECK & REBUILD | Pieces easily snap back together for continuous racing action

INCLUDES | Comes with 40 pieces! – figure 8 circuit (15 track pieces), 2 motorized NASCAR electric race cars, 2 flash chargers, 6 barrels, 6 cones, 8 billboards and a labeling sheet

ASSEMBLY Very easy to assemble - less than 5 minutes

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