Imperial Dragon Jasmine Rice, 20 lbs

by Imperial Dragon
Imperial Dragon Jasmine Rice is grown, milled and packaged in Thailand. The Thai Hom Mali seal, which is regulated by the government of Thailand, assures the customers that this jasmine rice is made with the highest standard of care and inspection. This jasmine rice has a sweet and aromatic fragrance that is soft in texture when cooked and compliments various meat, fish and vegetable dishes very well. Enjoy Imperial Dragon Jasmine Rice with your friends and family during your next meal. Please note that Imperial Dragon Jasmine Rice is naturally Gluten-Free and provides vital B-Vitamins.
Product Features
  • A delicate and fragrant smell from the natural aromatic compounds of Jasmine Rice.
  • Moist and soft in texture when cooked with perfect amount of fragrance.
  • Highest quality Jasmine Rice designated by the "Thai Hom Mali" government seal. 
  • Use Imperial Dragon Jasmine Rice for fried rice or pair it with your favorite meat, fish or vegetable dishes. 
  • Grown, milled and produced in Thailand.
  • Jasmine Rice is Gluten-Free and has a glycemic index of 68-80.
  • Net Weight: 20 lbs. (9.07 kg)

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